What I Can’t Hear You 250 Words For 50s Lifestyle

“What? I can’t hear you!”

When people say “you’re going deaf, you need a hearing aid!” most of us go into denial. The thought of a hearing aid strikes a fear of being artificially cut off from others, and anyway, we can hear fine if people just look at us when they’re speaking!

If only there were a way to improve and preserve the function of the ear! The discoveries of a French ear specialist promise just that. Sound Therapy is a portable listening program that exercises the ear muscles and helps us tune in to sound. Users have found they can hear better in a crowded room, can sing better, enjoy music more and even get relief from tinnitus (ringing in the ears.)

Many men have suffered industrial or military hearing damage, which can put relationships under stress. Wives accuse them of selective listening, but it’s really a simple, mechanical problem, claims Sound Therapy consultant, Rafaele Joudry.

Long term noise exposure causes laziness of the middle ear muscles, Joudry explains, making it hard to decipher conversations from background noise.

But Sound Therapy offers hope of recovery. Rafaele explains, “Families say that they can now enjoy TV together because Dad doesn’t have to turn it up so loud.” One listener, Frances Clarke of Bathurst says: “He keeps saying “you don’t have to shout,” and I say, “I’ve been shouting for forty years. It’s hard to change overnight!””

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