Treating Meniere’s with Sound Therapy

What causes Meniere’s? At a purely physiological level it is related to an excess of fluid in the vestibular system which controls our balance. But this does not explain why the attacks are sudden. A French ear specialist, Dr Alfred Tomatis, came up with an explanation which leads to new treatment options.

Dr. Tomatis has proposed that Menieres’s vertigo is due to a sudden change in the tension of the stirrup muscle. This muscle may be subject to involuntary twitches, like any other muscle in the body. Such twitching would radically alter the fluid pressure in the inner ear chambers, thus causing havoc with the balance mechanism.

This communicates to the brain via the vestibular branch of the auditory nerve, that there is sudden movement of the head, which gives the patient the feeling that the world is spinning or falling away beneath them. Dr Tomatis designed a treatment program which creates a general rehabilitation for the ear by activating the middle ear muscles. It has many different benefits, and one of them is the significant relief that it can offer to Menieres’ sufferers. It is believed that the re-toning of the stirrup muscle achieved by Sound Therapy means that the pressure on the inner ear chambers is properly balanced and the sudden changes and resulting dizziness subside.

Tomatis explains that once the stirrup muscle has been rehabilitated with the regular exercise provided by the Sound Therapy program, it no longer goes into spasm and the Meniere’s attacks do not recur.
Sound Therapy also impacts on various parts of the brain, producing better interconnections and coordinated sensory integration. It may be therefore that Sound Therapy impacts on Meniere’s in other ways through its direct effect on the brain.

Now available as a self help program, thousands can have access to this therapy who could not afford the cost and inconvenience of traveling to a clinic. No consultation is necessary, but a book by Rafaele Joudry explains how to use the program at home.

Sound Therapy helps sufferers of tinnitus and vertigo in the following ways:

  • rehabilitates the ear, resulting in the reduction or stopping of the tinnitus in many cases.
  • improves sleep
  • reduces stress
  • reduces or eliminates dizzy attacks
  • improves energy levels and the ability to communicate, thus encouraging the person to take up activities and stop focusing on the tinnitus.

I felt like I was falling through the floor
Lee Heffele, an orchardist from West Australia shared her story also.
Lee has used many different approaches to helping her hearing over the years. She has modified her diet and had chelation therapy. She found that chelation helped a lot. (Chelation is a treatment that uses concentrated nutrients to unblock arteries).

Lee describes her experience with Meniere’s as horrific. She says, “I think anyone that has Meniere’s would say it’s horrific, if they have the severe one. I ended up in the hospital, on one occasion because I couldn’t stop vomiting and you feel as though you are falling through the floor. You are lying on the floor and you are hanging onto the floor virtually in terror because you feel as if you are flying backwards. It’s the balance in the middle ear that’s effected, and it’s terrifying, to the point where I was almost suicidal at one stage. No one can describe it, you have to experience it.”

Lee got to the stage where she was getting an attack once a week. It would take a week to get over it and then she would get another one.

The attacks would last for about two or three hours and then she would be ill for a week.
Lee obtained the Sound Therapy program and used it constantly. She took it to the shopping centre, wherever she was she had it going. And it brought incredible relief. It is now several years later, and Lee remembers that using the Sound Therapy at that time stopped her Meniere’s attacks entirely.

Its like a new life
Darrell Johnson, a listener from Saskatchewan in Canada gave the following report on the treatment:
“About four years ago I started getting ringing in the left ear, followed by light-headedness and dizziness. Sometimes I couldn’t stand without falling. This I was getting about once a month, then twice a month, soon twice a week and not long later three or four times a day. My doctor told me I had Meniere’s Syndrome, which is a problem of the inner ear past the stirrup. There wasn’t much that could be done; I would just have to put up with it. Being my age was 53, I knew I would be quite some time putting up with this problem.

“Then I heard about Sound Therapy. I bought the program without hesitation. Now, four months later, I have no light-headedness and dizziness, and the ringing in my right ear has gone. The hearing in my left ear has also improved. I can’t express how much Sound Therapy has done for me. I am never dragged out and tired any more. I can stay up very late at night and still get up rested early in the morning. Also, I don’t get uptight and stressed about the little setbacks of the day, but can just relax and take them in my stride. I even find it easier to talk to people — am not so shy! It’s like a new life.”

Her advice to someone else with Meniere’s would be definitely to try it. “It can’t do any harm, like all natural therapy it can’t hurt you, and it could very well help.”

To receive a free information pack and a complimentary audio-neural assessment contact Sound Therapy International by phone 1300 55 77 96.

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