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Our Method

How was our portable method developed?

Patricia Joudry, a Canadian author underwent the Tomatis treatment in the late 1970s and experienced total relief of her chronic insomnia, exhaustion, writers block and the listening disorder for which she was first referred to the treatment, “The Cocktail Effect”, which is the inability to discriminate between different sounds in a noisy environment.

Joudry then linked up with some Benedictine monks in Saskatchewan who had trained with Tomatis specialists and were using his method in their special school. The monks offered their full support and facilities to Joudry to put out the Tomatis method on cassette for use with the Sony Walkman or another personal cassette player with a similar frequency response.

The Joudry method overcame the three major obstacles to widespread success for the Tomatis method, access, affordability and long term use. Rafaele Joudry’s book Sound Therapy Music to Recharge your Brain tells the full story of the development of the self help method and serves as an instruction manual for those undertaking the therapy. The first part of the book by Patricia Joudry was originally released under the title: Sound Therapy for the Walk Man. Later Patricia teamed up with her daughter, Rafaele Joudry and together they improved the product line and brought out the updated and fully revised book.

Rafaele Joudry has gone on to write other books, has trained hundreds of practitioners in the use of Sound Therapy and lectures constantly to community and professional groups around the world. Sound Therapy International, the company, is the culmination of the vision developed by Patricia and carried on by her daughter Rafaele Joudry to create enhanced listening around the world.

Once the Joudry Sound Therapy program came on the market reports started coming in of unexpected results. People reporting recovery from depression, insomnia, chronic fatigue, tinnitus and hearing loss. The longer term treatment made possible with the portable system meant results were being maintained and more benefits were being discovered.

Sound Therapy International was established by Rafaele Joudry to bring Sound Therapy to all those who need it. Our mission is Creating Enhanced Listening Around the World. Sound Therapy International has been serving the public since 1989.


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About Sound Therapy International

The mission of Sound Therapy International is creating enhanced listening around the world. The company supplies the complete range of books and listening devices developed originally by Patricia and now her daughter Rafaele Joudry.

Our qualified team of telephone consultants and independent consultants is available to bring Sound Therapy to the public in the most portable, affordable and accessible form. Products can be ordered by mail, phone, fax or internet shopping cart or directly through our local representatives.

Our listening programs suit all ages and offer the same benefits that are available through clinical Tomatis treatment. The advantage of the portable system is that it is much more affordable and allows long term listening which brings sustained and continued benefits over a lifetime.

Our range includes specialised kits for families and children of different ages and advanced programs for long term listeners. We also supply support materials to ensure that you get maximum benefit form your listening program. These include self directed workbooks, published books, videos, instructions and training courses for practitioners.

Follow up support is available in the form of regular newsletters, e-zines, product updates, ongoing research and customer support. We pride ourselves on being the world leader in developing, marketing, disseminating and training in self help Sound Therapy. Visit our website if you would like to order now.

Our Mission

Listening – Connection – Integration
Creating enhanced listening around the world

Our Purpose

To provide a fundamental and unique solution to improve ear and brain health through a system of Sound Therapy that is accessible, easy to use and gives the best value for money.