Sleep and Sound Therapy


Insomnia is caused by stress, so when our stress is reduced by Sound Therapy, we naturally sleep better. Listeners usually notice an improvement in their sleep even on the first night. Insomnia is caused by excessive cortical excitation that cannot be stopped. Sound Therapy cuts mind chatter and allows the mind to move naturally into the slower rhythms that lead to sleep.

Though Sound Therapy aims to recharge the brain for activity during the day, when you want to rest, it may also have a calming effect which enables the listener to slip easily and quickly into sleep. While the brain and the nervous system are stimulated by the sound, an active serenity may be experienced, which also allows for deep rest. Sleeplessness due to anxiety may also be resolved. The opening of the ear to high frequency sounds re-creates the pre-birth experience and can facilitate the resolution of early emotional anxieties. A recent survey indicates that between 70% and 80% of Sound Therapy Listeners notice an improvement in their sleep. Many insomniacs have experienced an immediate and dramatic improvement in their sleep.

How to listen

Some people benefit from listening to the program as they go to sleep and may listen either for the first 90 minutes or all night. Others will find that listening during the day is more appropriate to fit in with their sleeping and waking routine. For example, some people find the programs helpful to put them back to sleep if they wake in the night, whereas others may use them for an energy boost if they become drowsy in the evening. Each person needs to develop a listening routine that suits their needs and is appropriate to their individual response to the programs.

Deeper, better sleep

Dr Tomatis believes that if we receive sufficient stimulation for the brain, the need for sleep is reduced. Studies have shown that we don’t really need as much sleep as we think because it is mainly our brain that needs sleep, not our body. When the brain has more energy, we need less sleep. Therefore Sound Therapy listeners usually find they need between one and three hours less sleep per night. Deep sleep, medically termed “hypersomnia”, is the most essential type of sleep for our well being. Dreaming sleep or REM (Rapid Eye Movement) is a lighter sleep and with Sound Therapy it may be reduced in length without ill effects. The purpose of sleep is to replenish the brain’s energy. If the brain receives adequate stimulation from sound then the hours of sleep can be reduced.

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Testimonials For The Brain Sleep

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Better sleep – less sleep, more time
29 year old lawyer:

“I listened dutifully to the tapes for over 200 hours (averaging 6 to 7 hours a day) until a remarkable change occurred in my sleeping patterns. I began to awake at 5:30 in the morning after 5 to 6 hours sleep, and was fully refreshed and ready to leap into action. Previously I needed 7.5 to 8 hours of sleep per night. I am now a morning member of a gym and have plenty of time to pursue study interests, all before leaving for work. I am continuing to listen and maintain my new sleeping patterns. I have also noticed that I rarely get a stiff neck working at my desk. I often listen while engaged in work and find my concentration is excellent. I feel I am very lucky to have accidentally discovered Sound Therapy and would heartily recommend it to anyone, particularly those wanting to get more out of life.

No more sleeping pills
Wanda S. Harrison, Allen Park, MI, U.S.A.

“I did experience the energy breakthrough. For about a week prior, I had found myself literally at loose ends, unable to make decisions, not really wanting to do ANYTHING. On Tuesday the 17th, I had to force myself to get up at 10:30 a.m. and dragged through the rest of the day and evening. The next morning I awoke feeling like a new person, so full of energy I couldn’t decide what to do first. This is a new experience for me! I simply can’t believe how much energy I have! When we were up at my mother’s old farmhouse in Midland last weekend, I not only cleaned inside the house, but got to work in the yard, pruning the bushes that hadn’t been done for 10 years and finally getting started on the huge task of cleaning up her old garden at the side of the house.

For the first time in many years I am able to lie and go to sleep without taking any pills! This alone makes me feel like a new person, not to be tied to the bottle of tranquilizers at bed time and particularly to wake up after 4-5 hours of sleep feeling totally refreshed and no morning ‘blahs.’ I also find that I no longer need to use laxatives the way I did for many years since I had abdominal surgery when I was seven. My memory is much clearer as are my thought processes as well as my writing ability.”

Bus travel less tiring
Margaret Owen, Balgowlah, NSW, Australia:

“Three days after beginning Sound Therapy I travelled by coach to Brisbane, normally an exhausting procedure, playing the tapes throughout the journey, slept soundly and arrived full of energy into heat wave conditions, spent the afternoon sight seeing at a rapid pace.

The second benefit was being able to cut my sleeping time down to seven hours per night for the first time in my life thus enabling me to get more done. The extra energy has been such a bonus that I don’t care about the acuity of my hearing though I’m sure it’s much improved. I don’t go anywhere without my Walkman, tapes and battery charger. Even walking round the city is not the exhausting experience it used to be.”

Need less sleep, feel more energized
Linda Taylor Anderson, Melbourne, Florida, USA:

“My friend Patricia didn’t endeavour to convince me to give Sound Therapy a try. It was my own idea. I wanted what she had: extra energy, more waking hours and blessed tranquillity. That is why, as a healthy, functioning person, I incorporated sound therapy into my life.

After less than sixty hours of listening, suddenly, incredibly, new sounds were singing in my ears. I had assumed I’d always heard them, but it is amazing how much we hear, yet do not hear. I am now acutely conscious of sound, all sound, including my own voice which I can now control. Octavizing up or down is now easily accomplished. It is the sound therapy that has gifted me with this new awareness. Further amazement came. When properly energized, the body can function on very little sleep. I have always required eight hours of heavy duty sleep. Now I often wake up in the night, after only three to four hours sleep, snap my eyes open, stretch and feel ready to tackle whatever may be coming my way. I do not always rise to the occasion, preferring the comfort and warmth of the bed. But there is none of the old tossing and turning. I lie peacefully, pursuing my ranging thoughts, making promises and programs for the hours and days to come, as I am now able to concentrate my energy into a basic force that is not easily sidetracked. I see others fade; I am fresh and eager for the next encounter. If I feel the approach of tiredness, I simply lie down for a few minutes with the music and drift into rest, rising calmed, refreshed and ready to carry on.”

A year later Linda writes: “I’m still listening. Not three hours a day but at least 45 minutes. I usually listen at night; when I go to bed, on go the headphones. I go to sleep and the music plays on. When I miss a day I’m not happy about it. I feel something important is lacking. It’s as though my internal batteries that provide calm, energy and a feeling of well-being just hadn’t been charged. I’ll never stop listening. Never is a strong word, but that’s how I feel about sound therapy. I never want to be without it.”

Shift worker
Patricia Jankovic, Kirribilli, NSW, Australia:

At a very difficult time in my life, I was introduced to Sound Therapy. It certainly improved hearing loss in my right ear and reduced Tinnitus.

My sense of well-being improved greatly. I was not aware of how unhappy and stressed I was until I started to experience a feeling of happiness inside and a more balanced emotional state.

Being a shift-worker in a Health profession I have noticed better quality of sleep and I am able to be more focused.

I truly look forward to long walks with my Sound Therapy tapes. Somehow I am able to appreciate more the beauty around me.

Sound Therapy will continue to be an important and special part of my life.

Cut sleep by 2-3 hours
Courtney Milne, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada:

“Since the Sound Therapy has taken effect for me, I no longer know what anxiety is. As a photographer, lecturer and writer, I am travelling continually and am bombarded with more than average demands. Even at the times of greatest pressure I feel an inner calm, a peace and tranquillity that lifts me above the stresses of the moment. I have no doubt at all that this is due to the therapy, as I compare my present state with that of a year ago before I began the listening program. At that time I felt always harried, often exhausted and needed eight or nine hours sleep a night; now five or six suffice, and I awake deeply rested and with a supply of energy which remains constant throughout my long days.

Although I experienced the opening of the ear some months ago, I still listen for several hours daily, as I enjoy the music and it keeps my energy unflagging, my peace intact. I find it extremely simple to wear my Walkman almost anywhere without it interfering. I drive, jog, read, listen to the radio, carry on day-to-day conversations, eat my meals and do my photography while listening to the music. I would not be without it when writing as it is conducive to creative thought, the music humming along unobtrusively like a built-in mantra.

Sound Therapy also puts attention on caring for myself. It has had an influence on my eating and drinking habits and my desire for regular exercise – a strengthening of the positive life wish. For example, as a moderate social drinker, it struck me one day that I have no need of alcohol to relax me or make me happy – so why drink any? I now jiggle my ice in a glass of fruit juice and no questions are asked except the usual one: ‘Where do you get all that energy?’

Never slept so well
Mrs Graham, Stockton, NSW, Australia:

I came across Sound Therapy at a trade exhibition. I sat down and spoke to the very nice young ladies at the stand. The reason being, whenever I had background music and a conversation going on at the same time, it was impossible for me to hear the conversation, it was very frustrating. I thought I must be close to a hearing aid for myself at this rate. I could not stand music very loud at all. It was as if my ears were going to explode from the inside out with the pressure I felt inside them, which would quickly result in a bad headache. The other trouble I had was when someone spoke to me I would always say; “Sorry, what did you say?” and before they could finish repeating, I would know what they had said. It was like slow-motion delayed action. I read the Sound Therapy book, which made me understand my problem and it was a great relief I can tell you. I wasn’t going mad or deaf. Whew!

I have been using Sound Therapy for 6 months now. At first I experienced some sleepless nights (which was not really usual for me). 2 A.M I’m awake and that was sleep for me done. I’m over that now, I sleep better than I have slept for ten years. My hearing has improved immensely. I no longer say; “Sorry, what did you say?”. I hear the first time. I take my cassette player, I listen to it in bed every night, I enjoy it. Although you don’t really listen hard to it. Just softly in your ear. I can even stand the top twenty on Saturday mornings (my partner always has this on). I used to leave the house or go back to bed, anywhere to get away from the noise. I handle that okay now too.

Thank you, Sound Therapy. I was quite miserable before, now I am a much happier person. Thanks to the help of Sound Therapy.

To anyone that is shy of this, just try it. It’s great.

Better, shorter sleep
Dan Stuckel, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada:

“Before I began using the Sound Therapy tapes my hearing was becoming progressively worse. Ear specialists told me it was caused by nerve damage, therefore there was nothing which could be done for me. They said the ringing in my ears would become louder as time went on, thereby reducing my ability to hear. I purchased an ‘in the ear model’ hearing aid after I found their predictions to be correct. My hearing did indeed deteriorate. I found I had to wear the hearing aid more and more as time went on, to a point where I was wearing it 80% of the time.

After about 3 weeks of beginning the Sound Therapy, the ringing in my ears began to subside. Along with that my hearing also began to improve. One day I felt something almost like a minor earthquake taking place deep within my ears. Since then my hearing has improved to such an extent that I seldom have to use my hearing aid. I am able to function quite well without it now, after 7 months of Sound Therapy.

To list a few of the other benefits from this therapy: I am able to sleep better and can do with much less sleep than previously required. I am doing less needless worrying, and stressing situations are much easier to cope with than they were before. In fact my entire wellbeing is showing a vast improvement.”

Deep sleep more relaxed
Heidi Munz (check Database for location)

Comments from diary on Sound Therapy treatment – Heidi Munz

Saturday 25 Sept 1999 – I started listening, felt relaxedly tired at evening. Slept very deeply all night, though I slightly woke up a few times.

I felt sort of headache when almost end of tape 1 but it was a sensation of “head bones ache”, like bones being gently moved.

This same sensation of “bones movement” was felt in my lower back, where I’ve had a recurrent pain, now being treated by both Bowen and NSD treatments.

Sunday 26 Sept 1999 – I noticed that my morning walk was more relaxed today, there wasn’t that “rushing pressure” in my walk; I walked rather fast but at a more enjoyable pace. Didn’t feel that anxiety for finishing soon, being back home soon.

I was quite calm when speaking with mum and she was telling me that she had temperature, etc. today.

I have felt a bit sleepy, I did house work this morning, again, didn’t feel that anxiety to finish soon.

Sunday 3 October 1999 – I’ve kept on listening through the week. I had quite an extremely busy week and felt I could cope with grandchildren a lot better than other times, didn’t feel as tired at evenings.

In general, I feel a lot clearer in my mind, I think I now need one or two hours less of sleep; I’ve woken up around 5am most of the days. I sleep soundly and dream normally (whatever is normal for me).

Also, I have felt tired at times (I have overdone in general due family commitments) but the tiredness is of a different sort. Before I felt exhausted.

Monday 4 October – I woke up at 5am again- I’ve felt well, despite the fact that I’ve been doing a lot, I’ve felt tired but in such a different way, it’s like relaxedly tired, not exhausted.

Tuesday 5 October – I’m journaling this day later, as I think this is the day I felt that strong bone pain in my head, like a bone was being moved from its root, like placing it next to where it previously was. The pain lasted for a few minutes (2-3?), was very intense, it reminded me of the hip bones opening at childbirth, or a toothache, something in between these two pains.

Thursday 7 October – I keep on waking up rather early, even before 5am today. Yesterday evening I felt extremely tired, I did a lot during the day, it’s perhaps the reason but the tiredness is just that tiredness and not that sense of being exhausted I had before.

I’m feeling almost an attachment to have the earphones plugged.

Saturday 9 October – I have slept a lot more than I’d done since I started the therapy; I feel relaxedly tired now, not much desire for doing much at all and, at the same time, when I have put myself to do the house chores that needed to be done, I’ve done without that feeling of exhaustion that was always present before. I feel something different in my mind, present and not quite present, or present in a different way?

Wednesday 13 October – I keep on feeling very tired, earache comes and goes, today has been with me most of the time until now (4pm).

General Comments: Worth mentioning is that I’ve been waking up earlier almost since the beginning of Sound therapy; the first week I think I had between 2-3 hours less sleep and felt well all next day, as opposed when I have had insomnia. I need to mention that sleeping patterns have improved over the last years through different natural therapies I have been getting (kinesiology, massages, Bowen massage, chiropractor sessions, acupunture, etc) but, definitely the quality of sleep has changed since Sound Therapy.

Thursday 14 October – There’s some sort of “sensation” still in my right ear; I felt a slight ear bone ache this morning that lasted 1 or 2 minutes only.

Monday 18 October – This morning I wake up just past 5am (becoming usual time since I started sound therapy) and went for a walk. The walking keeps on being brisk but not hurried and, more importantly the internal “urgency” feeling is not there.

Friday 22 October – I keep on waking up around 5am and don’t feel like getting up immediately though. I don’t know if this is out of habit or my mind is ready and not my body, or my body still is trying to have its own way. I sleep less hours, 6 to 7 hours.

I think that the extreme tiring feeling it started gradually subsiding since last Saturday 16. I could then say that the “peak of it” lasted just over 10 days (I remember that it strongly started on 5-6 October).

I have still an almost “faint” sleeping feeling all the time and I can’t tell if I’m really sleepy, or tired or relaxed in a new way.

I’ve been doing telephone interviews for the Dept of Health last three days and it has been busy and my attention not distracted. Although my pattern of working fast and trying to do everything in one day is still there, that “internal urgency” is not, neither the frustration of not having accomplished all at once.

I had a “sort of right ear bone ache” yesterday, this time was located just where the external ear is and it wasn’t strong, the feeling was “opening”, like gentle pushes to make more room; it lasted a minute maybe or just over.

I’m currently doing NLP training and this is also producing changes at a deep level, like a “top up” to previous therapies I attended several years ago. But there are things that I strongly feel are the product of Sound Therapy.

They are not dramatic changes, they are rather subtle, so subtle that they can very easily be overseen. For instance, while in NLP training last week and when trying to copy from the whiteboard from a distance, I noticed that my sight was a bit better, I could read writing that I had not been able to distinguish before. When on the phone, I seem to be more aware of my voice tone and some people’s voices don’t feel as unpleasant as they did before.

Tuesday 2 November 1999 – Probably for some weeks now, I have been sleeping longer hours, not waking at 5am as I did for some weeks.

I don’t see dramatic changes so far, there are changes though. Overall it’s a more relaxed general state.

Monday 15 November – There have been no big changes, neither ear ache; I’ve felt in general more relaxed, slept better, woken up feeling well, but there is still a general “tiring” feeling; I don’t feel 100% yet but, I need to say that I have been extremely busy with my mother’s recent pneumonia and in hospital. I’ve handled this quite well, managed well with my sister facing mother’s issues.

I notice a better thinking quality, as in being more centred in my responses or clearer in my solutions or decisions about little things but could mean something important in the end.


I’m a counsellor (4 years), a hatha yoga instructor (24 years), also have done other therapies (4 years ago) and I’m also a hypnotherapist (2 years). I meditate almost every morning for 30 mins at least. I have increasingly accomplished a more peaceful state and a clearer mind most of the time and, how I feel now is, again, different. There’s a distinction in how I’ve felt since I started the sound therapy that I can’t quite classify just now.

Today is Sunday 4 March 2001 and I need to comment that I keep listening to the 4 tapes from time to time, always experiencing a sense of calmness overall, a clearer thinking. For one or other (practical) reason, I don’t listen to them continuously but definitely, they are a great help for me every time I go through them again.

One clear example of the above was when I bought a house (my first in Australia after 18 years) and moved in July 2000; the whole exercise of looking for a house first, the financing and paper work involved later, the move itself (all of which I did alone – I’ve been divorced for many years) took a lot of energy and work. A few weeks after the move, I started listening to the tapes for some time; the results were clear and loud: good energy level came back, more relaxed.