Stress is what happens when fear or anxiety become a constant state. The physiological effects include contracted muscles, increased heart rate and constricted breathing. The adrenal system is over taxed and blood pressure rises. Stress interferes with the body’s natural flow of energy. It cuts down our available energy and forces us to function on adrenaline. Sound Therapy reduces the build up of stress beyond the level that is healthy for the body.

The brain is calmed so obsessive thinking and mind chatter is reduced. A state that is closer to meditation can be achieved easily and retained throughout the day. Sound Therapy may help to reduce stress by replenishing brain energy with high frequency sound. When we have enough brain energy we can handle situations more easily and there is less need for stress. Sound Therapy users report that they can deal better with demanding situations requiring multi-tasking and fast responses but can feel serene while doing it.

To learn more about how Sound Therapy could help alleviate stress, request one of our Free Reports.

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