Sound Therapy Research Papers

In the 1940s Dr Tomatis, a Paris based ear, nose and throat specialist conducted clinical trials with singers, aeroplane mechanics and others to determine how their hearing was affected and whether it could be improved.

He went on to develop a method of treatment which addresses hearing and listening from both the physical and the psychological aspects. Through his experiments he also discovered that high frequency sounds, softly played stimulate and replenish brain energy, and are in fact essential for optimum functioning of the cortex.

Sound therapy research continues today all over the world. There is simply too much material to cover at once, so the following list is just a small collection of useful and insightful articles on the topic.

You can keep up to date on sound therapy research by visiting this site periodically, as we like to post on important findings in the field. Academic journals, search engines and social media forums on the topic are also good places to look.

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