Sound Therapy helps anxiety and depression

We hear about depression being the emerging epidemic of the 21st Century.

Clinical depression with its symptoms of despair, guilt, exhaustion and anxiety is affecting increasing numbers of people. Severe sufferers find it hard to become motivated or enthusiastic about life.

Rising rates of teen suicide are an alarming warning that depression is growing rapidly. Current trends show that by 2020 depression will be a greater threat to human health than heart disease or cancer.
The good news is, new solutions are now available to families everywhere which can make these problems much more manageable.

The spiral begins, according to counsellor, Karen Quinn of Change Counselling in Blacktown, NSW Australia, because people don’t know how to deal with life’s problems. This leaves them feeling anxious, depressed and out of control.

Karen has a special interest in helping families in the western suburbs. She explained that troubled family break-ups or conflict in relationships can leave people with a lot of unresolved feelings. “This affects our quality of relationships at work or play. Strong and troubled feelings come out in our behaviour and negative patterns repeat themselves,” she said.

Post natal depression, experienced by up to 14% of women, may result from hormonal changes and difficulties adjusting to new demands. Sometimes what’s holding us back is unfinished business like past or current emotional traumas. “Counselling can help you when you are ready and motivated,” says Karen.

Karen helps her clients to become more aware and learn new ways of dealing with tricky situations. She has found ways of speeding up the process, so a lot can be achieved in a short time. “I introduce my clients to Sound Therapy,” she explained, “because it helps reorganise your reaction to early memories, clears your thinking and makes you calmer and happier! It is a drug free treatment that can bring relief and also helps to address the deeper issues.”

Sound Therapy is a home based listening program that is pleasant and easy to do. Karen Quinn at Change Counselling is happy to receive enquiries from people in need of help. Ph 02 9676 4333.

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