Sound Therapy – A sensory access to higher consciousness

By Rafaele Joudry

We are in the physical body for a reason. This limited, mundane existence gives us concrete experience of cause and effect, which develops our strength, our wisdom and our soul.

We have been given extraordinary sensory pathways to enable us to learn about this world, and through it, about universal laws. Each of these sensory pathways can be developed as a route to higher consciousness. Some forms of meditation teach to focus on a candle, or an imaginary point of light, and through the intensifying of that light, samadhi comes. Other techniques use the physical senses, as in yoga or Vipassana meditation, and the more awareness is channelled through the physical sense, the more it leads to the opening of consciousness. Many forms of meditation use the mantra, or prayer, or sacred song to open up spiritual levels of our being. The sound current, reported by those who have reached a higher level of attunement, can be followed to cosmic consciousness.

Now a new technology is available to assist with opening on the auditory plane and speed spiritual development. Sound Therapy works in a very physical way by retraining the ear to be responsive the full range of frequencies, especially the high frequencies. To be able to let the high frequencies into the inner ear, the muscles of the middle ear must be flexible and in good shape, so Sound Therapy provides a gymnastic workout for the middle ear muscles. This can cause a little mild pain, but it soon passes and often gives way to brighter, clearer hearing and a new sense of energy and aliveness. Once the ear is open, listeners report deeper meditations, increased intuitiveness and better memory.

Readers who use the method have reported their clairvoyance being heightened to a new level, an opening of the crown and third eye chakra and an improvement to overall physical wellbeing which also helps to open the spirit. Clairvoyants with tinnitus (ringing in the ears) have had this clear up which meant going into a trance was easier.

Sound Therapy was developed by the brilliant ear, nose and throat specialist, Dr Alfred Tomatis who found he could improve the vocal range of singers by rehabilitating their ears. Now, the program is available in a portable form that is easy to use, takes no time and can enhance sleep, work, concentration and communication. It is used on a portable media player with headphones, but played at very low volume so it is not distracting. In fact it gives a sense of brain integration which is very pleasant and makes it much easier to deal with stressful situations. One user remarked “As soon as I heard the music I felt as though someone had put a warm hand between two wet blankets in my brain.” The therapy helps to connect different parts of the brain and so brings untapped abilities to light.

For Reverend Sarsha Carpenter of The World Light Fellowship and founder of The Self Empowerment Centre, Sound Therapy has made an enormous difference to her own healing journey.

Sarsha was introduced to Sound Therapy while studying for her psychology degree, to help her tinnitus which had left her house bound. Immediately Sarsha found she was sleeping through the night for the first time in years. Then her tinnitus faded and her dizzy spells, caused by Meniere’s syndrome, disappeared. She realized that her hearing had improved, when she asked her son to repair the blinker on the car that was making a strange clicking noise. He informed her that the noise had always been there, she just never heard it before!

A grave setback came when, in her final year of study, Sarsha had two strokes and lost her ability to speak. Doctors said she would never finish her degree. She listened to Sound Therapy 24 hours a day and in two months had made a full recovery and graduated the following December.

Sarsha now cares for her father, who has dementia. She started him on Sound Therapy and was amazed that he suddenly became a caring person, interested in hearing about her day. The workers at his day care centre also reported remarkable changes in his attitude and abilities.

Sarsha has also found that Sound Therapy has heightened her intuition and accuracy in tuning in to the spiritual plane. She finds that when her clients use Sound Therapy they open up more, making it possible to achieve healing at a deeper level.

For more information contact Rev Sarsha Carpenter 0414 914 197

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