Epilepsy is a condition where a person has intermittent paroxysmal attacks of disordered brain function usually causing a loss of awareness or consciousness and sometimes convulsions. In some cases epilepsy can be controlled by drugs but these may have undesirable side effects. There have been several accounts of epilepsy sufferers benefitting from Sound Therapy. Sound Therapy stimulates the brain in a specific way which may lead to better connections, more efficient functioning of neurotransmitters, calmer and more coordinated overall brain function and integration.

Epilepsy is a very common and serious neurological condition. Some people don’t even know that they have seizures, One survey from London revealed less than 20% of patients suspected they had the condition. Some studies indicate lower socioeconomic communities have a higher percentage of sufferers than more affluent communities. Scientists have put forward the view that social deprivation and/or isolation can encourage symptoms and seizures.


People with epilepsy will benefit from long term Sound Therapy treatment. For some epilepsy sufferers Sound Therapy has been found to reduce or eliminate seizures, improve memory, alertness, concentration, co-ordination, confidence and general functioning. It is advisable that a person with epilepsy should be monitored by their doctor when undertaking Sound Therapy.

To learn more about how Sound Therapy could help Epilepsy, request one of our Free Reports.

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