Dementia is the loss of memory, attention and cognitive ability due to progressive brain damage or deterioration, usually associated with aging. Dementia may be caused by a series of small strokes, or it may be caused by Alzheimer’s, a degenerative condition where brain tissue progressively withers and shrinks. Much can be achieved in treating (or preventing) dementia with improved nutrition, reduced chemical toxins and vitamin and mineral supplementation. In addition, Sound Therapy may be very helpful by directly stimulating brain function at a vibrational level.

Sound Therapy is extensively used by older people undergoing various forms of health crises or degeneration. It may bring solace and comfort, a sense of inner calm, deeper sleep, and often better mental balance, awareness and focus. In early stages of dementia Sound Therapy can be introduced with ease, to be worn during the day or at night while sleeping. It will generally be welcomed by the patient and may give them an immediate sense of relief and inner connection and balance. Carers and family of certain dementia patients have observed that the patient becomes happier, more co-operative, more aware, and more like their old self. Sound Therapy may delay the progress of dementia and make life more pleasant and manageable for both the patient and their carers.

Information Sheet on how Sound Therapy can assist with Memory and Brain

To learn more about how Sound Therapy could help the symptoms of dementia, request a Free Report on the research behind Sound Therapy.

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