Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain and Sound Therapy

Chronic pain can occur because there is an injury or disease in the body that needs attention. The best solution is obviously to find the cause of the disease or injury and treat it, if possible.  But pain can become chronic for another reason. Chronic pain specialists, ask the question, “why does the pain continue long after the injury occurred?”

The answer seems to lie in the fact that all our body parts are constantly sending signals to the brain along our nerve pathways. However, when a body part, say a foot, is injured, that foot stops sending those messages that were letting the brain know, “yes, I’m here, I have five toes, I’m bearing weight, I’m OK” etc.

When those familiar messages cease, the brain assumes the foot has been injured or there is something wrong, so it creates another signal, a distress signal, called “pain.” In the healing process, if the foot does not regain full function, if there is scarring, or nerves have been severed, or the nerves in the pain system are also injured, the normal signals never resume, so it is possible that the pain signal will continue on and on.

Pain and neuroplasticity

Chronic pain can be due to neuroplasticity. This means the brain has changed its structure and its way of communicating pain messages, so these messages have become continuous after the injury has healed. However, neuroplasticity ( the ability of the brain to change) can also lead to healing form chronic pain.

Sound Therapy and how it affects chronic pain

Sound is a direct and easy way to stimulate the brain. Sound Therapy uses highly filtered classical music with augmented high frequencies to produce global brain reactivation. It has been observed that this regular stimulation which reconnects many parts of the brain seems to provide the necessary signal so the brain can let go of its repetitive chronic pain signal. Those with chronic pain from old injuries or phantom pain from amputation have sometimes achieved complete relief through Sound Therapy.

Listeners report how Sound Therapy relieved their chronic pain

“After 16 years of almost constant phantom pain due to amputation of my right leg from a car accident, I feel I have now found an answer. When I got my Sound Therapy I had some response almost at once, and it kept getting better. I didn’t really believe it would help when I started; I had used so many things for phantom pain, even self hypnosis, and had to take painkillers 3 or 4 times a day. Now I rarely take them, and only for some other complaint. The good results continue. It truly seems like a miracle.” Dr. Kathleen Langstaff, Naramata, BC, Canada

“My husband suffered for many years with very bad headaches, which sometimes lasted for several days. Since receiving our Sound Therapy four months ago, we have each averaged more than 4 hours a day of listening. Since the first week or two my husband has not had any more of those headaches. It has also helped me, by lowering my blood pressure and giving me much more energy. My husband is 75 and I am 73. Your Sound Therapy sure is a gift for us older people, as well as the younger ones.” Lorna Cooley, Victoria, BC, Canada:

“My pain is not as sharp and my sleep is less.  The colours are beautiful.  They stand out heaps and are richer and brighter. Reading – there are more gaps in between the letters.  They stand out even more.  This has helped a lot for me.  Life is so much easier now.  But of course I feel like a new person.  The world has changed a lot.”
Larissa Amy, 13 year old girl with ADD and Higher Functioning Autism – Sydney

“I commenced sound therapy in January 1991. After about 200 hours of listening everyday…I noticed some changes, headaches diminished, tiredness fading, less restless sleep. Shoulder and back pain reduced, posture improved, better sense of direction of sound, improved sense of balance. Hearing improved, fuzzy noises in ears not so apparent.” K. Joseph Biggs, Burleigh Heads, Queensland

Brenda Dickerson experienced soreness behind her ears and in her jaw for a long time. She has found that with Sound Therapy the soreness is going. She can now push her fingers in and not scream in pain. “So that is quite impressive as far as I am concerned,” she says, “because nothing else could stop it. Any heavy massage hurts too much.”
From Triumph Over Tinnitus Interview with Brenda Dickerson, Reflexologist

“Probably the biggest thing that Sound Therapy has done for me would be the, in regard to my hearing. But  also I have had for about 12 years, problems with my feet which were caused by breaking both my heel bones in a fall off a scaffold. Since then I had almost nightly problems with burning and a nervous sort of reaction in my feet. But since I started Sound Therapy I haven’t had one night’s problem. The other problem with my feet was quite a deal of pain, most of the time. And after I’d been listening for about 3 months, that all dissipated and now I have very little pain in my feet.

I think Sound Therapy could be given the credit for the feet, because I’ve done nothing else that could have done it and I suppose it’s hard to believe but Sound Therapy is the only thing that’s been around.”  Don Clark, Builder

“I had a major operation on my leg some years ago and ended up with a lot of nerve damage and resulting pain. When I use Sound Therapy I have no pain in that foot and when I don’t use it I do. We know Sound Therapy has a profound effect on the nervous system, so it helps us both emotionally and physically.” Carol King, Massage Therapist

To learn more about how Sound Therapy could help chronic pain, request one of our Free Reports.

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