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Sound Therapy is a self-help program that rehabilitates the muscles in the middle ear and stimulates the brain. The program has been successfully used by thousands of listeners over the past 15 years, with benefits in the relief of hearing loss, tinnitus, depression and anxiety, insomnia, ADD/ADHD and learning difficulties, amongst others.

Practitioners Group ShotWe believe Sound Therapy is a leading edge technology. Interest and popularity are steadily growing in this exciting area of health, and the Joudry method makes this modality simple, affordable and portable. It is an efficient system to add to existing treatment programs. It enhances your client’s treatment, often speeding results and addressing areas that have proven to be difficult to address with other modalities.

Practitioners are invited to join us in making this modality available by promoting and offering it through their clinics. Our user-friendly information resources make it easy and efficient for you to introduce Sound Therapy to your clients.

You may also wish to undertake our Practitioner Training program, or to become a Referring Practitioner who simply lets your clients know about Sound Therapy. Alternatively you may wish to become a Distributor and offer our listening programs for sale through your clinic.

Referring Practitioner

The easiest way for you to make this option available to your clients would be to become one of our referring practitioners. Sound Therapy brochures will be sent out and we can replenish brochures regularly in consultation with your receptionist. We will also send you a bi-annual Practitioner Update providing you with information on the latest Sound Therapy research. There is no cost attached to being a referring practitioner, so if you would like to receive your display pack please register now.

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We appreciate your effort in filling in this form and assure you that you will receive your Referring Practitioner Pack by mail as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we will keep you informed with regular updates.

Payment and Registration

Payment for either course is required along with registration. Contact us for registration details.

Please call the Training coordinator to discuss the timing of the next Research Tutorial Program if you wish to take advantage of this service.

Payment is accepted by cheque or credit card (Mastercard or Visa). Cheques should be made payable to Sound Therapy International Pty Limited.

Recommended Educational Material

(prices GST inc)

The Distributor Essentials Pack

(Provides you with the necessary information to become familiar with the product and its potential, and to learn the basics of how your Distributorship will operate.)

Book: Sound Therapy : Music to Recharge Your Brain$24.45
Book: Triumph Over Tinnitus$24.45
Book: Why Aren’t I Learning$24.45
DVD: Sound Therapy : Creating Enhanced Listening around the world.$19.95
Brochures: 10 ‘Releif’ brochures and stand$25.00
CD: Nutritional Information CD$5.50
Booklet: Listening Helps Learning booklet x 3$6.00
Discounted Price for Distributor Pack (includes all of above plus full range of information sheets and brochures and other distributor documents)$89.00
(value $133.80)


Distributor Learning Program (Learning Program Workbook, 3 DVDs, Conference Call (monthly) and Referring Practitioner Pack$224.90
Total Value$224.90

Discounted Price for Pack

$199.00 (GST included)
Express Post, within Australia, $22.00 (GST Included). Contact us for quote on overseas postage

Topics covered in the basic training

All participants are advised to read the book: Sound Therapy: Music to Recharge Your Brain before undertaking the training. This will provide you with a good basic knowledge of Sound Therapy prior to commencing the training. Other useful preparation would be to read the Sound Therapy Practitioners Manual, watch the DVD, listen to the audio information tape or hear Rafaele Joudry lecture if you have the opportunity. A Distributor Essentials Pack containing all the tools mentioned and more is available from Sound Therapy, at a discounted price of $199.00.

Basic Knowledge

The most frequently asked questions about Sound Therapy on price, product and benefits.


The history and evolution of Sound Therapy and the contributions made by Dr Tomatis, the Joudrys and others.


The anatomy of the ear, outer, middle and inner. Tomatis’s particular views on how the ear works and how it responds to Sound Therapy.


The benefits of Sound Therapy for a healthy person, for a person with tinnitus, hearing loss, (sensorineural and conductive), stress and energy, communication, sleep, autism, dyslexia, ADHD, Down’s Syndrome, speech problems, Meniere’s Syndrome; and how it enhances musical ability and pre-natal development.


Gain basic knowledge of the full Sound Therapy product range and how to select suitable products for your clients.


The laws of Tomatis, the effects of analogue versus digital sound, the workings of the Electronic Ear.


Understanding frequencies, filtering and pitch vs. volume.


What has been done, constraints, medical acceptance and the response of professional associations.

How to use Sound Therapy

Equipment, volume, side effects, listener education and duration of treatment.

Practitioner/Distributor terms

Marketing guidelines, customer service, holding stock, shipping, and how to make Sound Therapy a successful and valuable addition to your practice.

The Course Structure

All courses are now available to practitioners via distance learning. The distance program will be conducted with the use of audio-cassette tapes, manuals, written work and telephone interviews. You will receive live recordings of Rafaele Joudry’s workshops accompanied by a question paper that corresponds to the recordings. After completing your written answers you will send your paper to the Training Coordinator, who will then call you for a follow-up interview.

In each course, participants will be supplied with a manual covering the questions and answers raised in the course.

What the training will give you

The training courses for practitioners will give you a basic grounding in the theory and applications of Sound Therapy. You will be able to answer the 100 most asked questions about Sound Therapy. You will be equipped to diagnose the need for the program, to present it to the client in a way that is comprehensible and appealing. You will be familiar with the regime to be followed, equipment needs, pitfalls, success signs and how to counsel your clients to support their successful listening program.

As a practitioner outlet for Sound Therapy you can offer the appropriate Sound Therapy book, tapes and other information resources for sale to your clients. Adding Sound Therapy to your practice will give you a way to help your clients in ways not addressed by any other modality. It will also add to your income in a way that is not very time consuming or capital intensive.

Who the training is for

In the fifteen years since Sound Therapy was first introduced to Australia, thousands of people have used the method with success. Rafaele’s mission is to get the therapy into the hands of all those who need it. To achieve this, not one person, but a small army of practitioners and health educators is needed.

A wide range of practitioners come into contact in their daily practice with people who need Sound Therapy. This would include doctors, nurses, dentists, psychologists, healers, counselors, aged care workers, child care workers, teachers, tutors, massage therapists, naturopaths, osteopaths and chiropractors, speech pathologists, audiologists and many others. The training is intended for practitioners such as these who are already in contact with a network of clients and are open to learning about another way in which they can help these clients.

For these practitioners to get the therapy into the hands of their clients they need a certain level of knowledge, confidence and experience in understanding, explaining and supervising the method. The client will have confidence to try something new and conviction to persist with it if their practitioner is confident and knowledgeable about the method.

Joudry Sound Therapy

In the 1980s, Canadian Author, Patricia Joudry, found a way to put the Tomatis therapy on cassette, making it accessible as a portable method that could be used by people in all walks of life and all over the world. Since the release of the Joudry program the list of benefits known to be provided by Sound Therapy has increased due to the convenience and long term treatment made possible by the portable method.

Patricia and Rafaele Joudry’s book, Sound Therapy: Music to recharge your Brain, outlines the discoveries of Dr Tomatis, tells the story of how Patricia’s’ life was transformed by the therapy and the amazing events that led to her developing the portable program. New chapters by Rafaele detail the benefits for many specific conditions and dozens of listeners share their own testimonials. Rafaele Joudry’s second book Triumph Over Tinnitus continues to explore the benefits of Sound Therapy, providing helpful hints and methods for working to improve and overcome the frustrating and often overwhelming syndrome of Tinnitus.

Rafaele’s third book, Why Aren’t I Learning, forms an essential guide for health professionals and parents of children who can benefit from Sound Therapy. The book explores sensory integration therapies and the essential role of Sound Therapy in addressing learning difficulties.

Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy is a listening system which uses high frequency, filtered classical music to rehabilitate the ear and stimulate the brain. It is based on discoveries made fifty years ago by the French ENT specialist, Dr Tomatis. Dr Tomatis combined aspects of medicine, music therapy and psychology to create a unique method with many benefits related to ear and brain functioning.