Additional Distributor Support Services

As a Sound Therapy Distributor you will receive ongoing support and training opportunities.


You will receive a quarterly distributor newsletter highlighting distributor news and special offers and well as email news updates.

Exclusive Distributor products

To enhance your business and maintain your clients’ loyalty, we offer our Qualified Distributors exclusive bonus products and customer incentives.

Conference calls

You are invited to join our monthly Distributor conference calls to learn of other people’s marketing successes, gain inspiration and get acquainted with the latest company news, as well as recent professional research and technological developments.

Professional telephone support

Our Distributor co-ordinator and practitioner liaison team is available to offer you support and advice at any time.


Sound Therapy training courses for practitioners are made available via distance learning. Training is highly recommended to provide you with sufficient knowledge and understanding to better inform your clients about Sound Therapy and to enable them to get the maximum benefit from their listening programs.

Clinical research

When you undertake our Certificate Course you will automatically become eligible to receive intensive support with your own clinical research project. This includes fortnightly conference calls and individual coaching.


You will be invited to attend our annual corporate Distributor Summit and participate in our professional development workshops and policy planning sessions.

Marketing training

As a Qualified Distributor you can obtain our ABCs of Marketing resources pack to equip yourself with the full gamut of our marketing know-how and resources.

Marketing activities

You will have the opportunity from time to time to participate in company promotional activities such as trade shows, collective advertising and media publicity.


After completing our Basic Training you may be listed on our website and in our publications for a nominal fee.

Quick Start Sales Pack

The Quick Start Sales Pack contains:

3Book: Sound Therapy Music to Recharge Your Brain$74.85
3Book: Triumph Over Tinnitus$65.85
3Book: Why Aren’t I Learning?$59.85
3Video: Sound Therapy: Creating Enhanced Listening around the World$59.85
1Referring Practitioner Waiting Room Pack$30.00
Discounted price for pack$188.00

Distributors Introductory Pack

The Distributor Introductory Pack contains:

Sound Therapy Practitioners Manual$16.50
Book: Sound Therapy Music to Recharge Your Brain$24.95
Book: Triumph Over Tinnitus (or ask for Why Aren’t I learning instead)$21.95
Video: Sound Therapy Creating: Enhanced Listening around the World$19.95
Audio Info tape on Sound Therapy$5.50
Folder of Brochures and stand$25.90
Nutritional information Audio Tapes x2$8.00
Listening Helps Learning booklet x3$6.00
Discounted price for pack$89.00

How do I become a Distributor?

To become a distributor, there are three easy steps to follow:

  1. Purchase the Distributor Introductory Pack at $89.00, which will provide you with all the necessary tools to begin your business and start generating income straight away.
  2. Complete, sign and return our Distributor Contract.  Simply contact us to obtain the current contract
  3. Purchase the Quick Start Sales Pack (available to new Distributors once only) for $188.00. The pack contains 3 of each of our 3 books, 3 videos and a Referring Practitioner Pack. The purpose of this pack is to provide you with the essential tools to get your business rolling.

You are then entitled to purchase our products at Distributor discounts starting at 20%. Full details of our marketing plan and discount schedule will be included in the Distributor Introductory Pack.

Each time you introduce another distributor you will also receive a $50.00 discount on your next purchase as a token of our appreciation.

We also encourage you to complete our training courses in order to obtain a thorough knowledge of Sound Therapy.

If you would like to learn more about the program, please feel free to contact us anytime.

To become a distributor you first purchase the Distributor Introductory Pack which will give you all the tools you need to begin straight away. We also encourage you to complete the training courses for a thorough knowledge of Sound Therapy.

If you would like to know more, please contact us.

Who needs Sound Therapy? Anyone with ears!

In your daily business you meet many people who could benefit from Sound Therapy, e.g. people with tinnitus and hearing problems, children or adults with learning difficulties and people seeking stress relief. That’s on top of higher energy levels throughout the day and more restful sleep during the night. As you talk about the benefits of Sound Therapy, people will want to buy the product immediately. Again, it’s that easy!

Now, this is the way we help you make profit: you purchase our range of Sound Therapy products at discounted rates and sell them back to your clients at the recommended retail price. Discounts start at 20% and increase with volume. We ship you the goods by Express Post within Australia and airmail internationally.

Why become a Sound Therapy distributor?

When people start to use Sound Therapy they are often so impressed with the results that they want to share the news with their family, friends, clients and colleagues. As such, word of mouth would provide you, as our Distributor, with an added value being the official representative of Sound Therapy International.

In addition, Sound Therapy Distributors enjoy the following benefits:

  • A superior quality and unique product
  • The ability to earn extra income
  • Helping people
  • No overheads/no joining fee
  • Full support & backup from our head office
  • Comprehensive training
  • Flexible hours
  • Add value to your existing business
  • Tools to help you promote your business
  • Your details can be advertised on our website
  • Easy ordering system and express delivery