Accelerate Potential

Accelerate your child’s potential

Sound Therapy is recommended for all children including highly gifted children, and will assist the development of good learning and study abilities, just as exercise helps to develop balance, strength and muscular co-ordination. The ear and the auditory cortex are vitally important centers for learning, communication and higher brain function. Sound Therapy is an easy way to input a very positive stimulus that will help to maximize your child’s potential.

Today children need extra support to develop their auditory function because they are affected by many detrimental environmental factors. The world is noisier than ever, so child’s ears are bombarded with a lot of loud and damaging sounds before they have fully developed. Environmental toxins also lead to poor immunity, infections and sensitivities which impact on many children’s development. Sound Therapy is the perfect brain training program to complement good nutrition, good education and a loving environment. The complex rhythms and harmonies of classical music train the brain to think conceptually and improve intelligence. This effect is augmented by the special filtering used in the recordings.

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